What is Flat Roof Restoration?

Flat roofs have many advantages when it comes to choosing a roof design. Property owners who have already installed a flat roof may be aware of the various benefits. After time passes, it becomes important to look into whether a flat roof should be repaired or restored. Flat roof restoration is a relatively simple process and can help extend the lifetime of the flat roof. When it comes to flat roof restoration, there are a few things that are important to keep in mind.

Flat roof restoration can typically be done using one of two methods. There is the coating method, which will involve applying a new layer of protective coating down over the existing flat roof. This will help with any roof leaking problems that have been occurring because the layer is waterproof. The other method of flat roof restoration is the tear off method. This involves removing the current roofing layer in order to replace the original materials that were used. The tear off replacement method is significantly more expensive than simply coating the roof, however sometimes it is necessary in order to insure the stability and integrity of the roof. Most areas will only allow for application of two coating layers on top of the original flat roof surface before they are mandated to have the roof replaced when it comes time for flat roof restoration.

The alternative to this expensive and intensive method is to use flat roof restoration methods, which allow the roof to be coated again without having to tear apart the top of the building. Alternative flat roof restoration will remove the current coating layers from the roof before applying a new protective coating to insure that the building remains waterproof. This saves significantly in not only money, but debris from the roof, in regards to environmental concerns.

While flat roofing conditions vary, the best repair solution may also differ dramatically.  Click here to contact us today to schedule a consultation.